AOI VOCALOID(TM) Opera AOI with Bunraku Puppets

Production Notes

Production Notes

Various production notes regarding "VOCALOID™ Opera AOI with Bunraku Puppets" will be posted here.


Game Music Online announced the interview of the composer:Hiroshi Tamawari
Hiroshi Tamawari Interview: Switching from Games to Opera
This article is the eager long interview that Mr. Patrick Kulikowski who is a game music writer chased carefully in the inside of TAMAWARI.
This interview approaches in the backside of game music production in KONAMI and VOCALOID Oopera AOI production.


UNIMA-USA reported an article about VOCALOID Opera AOI which PhD Candidate at the University of Washington wrote.
Bunraku Meets Vocaloid by Jyana S. Browne


NHK overseas broadcasting reported AOI as a new trial of the BUNRAKU for foreign countries
Puppeteer's New Endeavour


The blackmagicdesign which offered a cinema camera to this cinema placed AOI as a user example
VOCALOID™ Opera Blending Visual Technology and Traditional Performing Arts with Blackmagic Design


Opera AOI, Expression Of Romanticism Through Art(Rootnotion)


Hyper Japan 2014: Vocaloid Opera Aoi with Bunraku Puppets Interview(Parallax Play )


Hyper Japan hails digital-age ‘Genji’ opera(Japan Times)


World Premiere Screening

"VOCALOID™ Opera AOI with Bunraku Puppet" had world premiere at London, England's Hyper Japan 2014/July/27.
Approximately 1,000 Londoners enjoyed the screening

Also, We had 4 times "HYPER VOCALOID Live and Talk Show!!" by Ishiguro Chihiro, who provided Yuzuki Yukari’s voice and EHAMIC, a leading-edge VOCALOID producer.
Approximately 300-500 Londoners enjoyed each show.

We added photographs of Hyper Japan to the gallery page. Please enjoy!

Earls Court Bunraku briefing by Kousuke Yoshida The premium screening greetings from the stage


HYPER VOCALOID Live and Talk Show!! Yuzuki Yukari x Ishiguro Chihiro x EHAMIC has announced!

Mr.Daniel Robson(@ItCameFromJapan) released podcast #037 and talk about Japanese culture and VOCALOID OPera AOI!


Film de Vocaloid: "Opera AOI" con marionetas tradicionales Bunraku


Film de Vocaloid: “Opera AOI” con marionetas tradicionales Bunraku (South America Chile)

Das Projekt “Opera AOI” auf der Nippon Connection vorgestellt (Germany)


[Opera AOI] Des informations sur l'opéra Bunraku de AH-Software diffusé à Londres(VOCALOID.FR)


Details about "VOCALOID™ Opera AOI with Bunraku Puppets" have been officially released to the media. Please see here for the press release


Press Release: HYPER JAPAN 2014


A special page for"VOCALOID™ Opera AOI with Bunraku Puppets" has been posted on the Hyper Japan official website!