AOI VOCALOID(TM) Opera AOI with Bunraku Puppets


"VOCALOID™ Opera AOI with Bunraku Puppet"
Domestic Screening

Screening & lecture at Shimizu

清水マリナート(Shimizu marinart)
Time: Open-13:00, Start-13:30
Fee: Adult:\1500, over65/high school and university student:\1200,
Primary and secondary student:\500
Application: Shimizu marinart 054-353-8885

Screening at ATSUGI

March/28(Sat) - April/10(fri)
Time: Coming soon!
Please refer to each movie theater about screening time.

Screening at the World Vocaloid Convention 2015

Feb/22(sun) 9:00 Screening & Talkshow!
Please refer to each movie theater about ivent details.

2015 Screening at KYOTO, OSAKA, KOBE

Feb/7 (sat) - Feb/13(fri) 16:00
Feb/14(sat) - Feb/20(fri) 16:20

Feb/7 (sat) - Feb/13(fri) 11:45
Feb/14(sat) - Feb/20(fri) 17:55

Feb/7 (sat) - Feb/13(fri) 18:50
Feb/14(sat) - Feb/20(fri) 13:10

Fee: Advance ticket:¥1000
Today's ticket:¥1200
Please refer to each movie theater about types of the tickets(Student/Child/Senior rate).

Feb/9(mon), Pupeteer&Comporser will greet to audience from the stage.

2015 Screening at KANAZAWA


Screening at Nagoya Cinemaskhole

8-12 A-to Bld.1F, Tsubakicho, Nakamura-ku Nagoya-shi, Aichi, 453-0015, Japan
2014/NOV/22(Sat) - NOV/28(Fri): 13:50 - 14:30
2014/NOV/29(Sat) - Dec/5 (Fri): 17:30 - 18:10

Screening & lecture at Kakegawa

The details are announced later by a sponsor.

Time: Open 15:30, Start 16:00, Close 18:00
Fee :\1000 / Under High School \500
Application: 100 person. first-come-first-served bases. The application begins on Nov.4 by email(
Pleace: Kakegawa-jo Castle 大日本報徳社大講堂(1176 Kakegawa, Kakegawa City, Shizuoka)
Program: Movie screening, Bunraku lecture&demonstration, and talk show by movie director, composer, producer and puppeteers.

Event "ぽぷかる" of Aichi, Screening & lecture

Event: ぽぷかるパーティ
Date: 2014/Nov/1-2
Time: The sponsor will announce the detail. Total 3 times.
Pleace: 愛・地球博覧記念公園
Fee: \1,000
Memo: In each time, first-come-first-served basis 50 people

In Digital Contents EXPO, Screening & lecture

「ボーカロイド™ オペラ 葵上 with 文楽人形」
新旧の日本文化が創出するデジタルコンテンツ 上映&トークセッション

Date&Time: 2014/Oct/24(Fri)13:00~14:15
Place : National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation(日本科学未来館)
Fee: Free of charge (Please make a reservation from the sponsor site mentioned above link.)

The additional screening! Period extension!
Japanese Premiere Screening #2
Place : TOLLIWOOD short film theater
Date : From Sep.20(Wed) to Oct.3(Fri)
Fee : \1,000 per person
Time :
9/20(Sat) 12:00 / 20:00
9/21(Sun) 12:00 / 20:00
9/22(Mon) 20:00
9/23(Tue) 20:00
9/24(Wed) 20:00
9/25(Thu) 20:00
9/26(Fri) 20:00
9/27(Sat) 12:00 / 20:00
9/28(Sun) 12:00 / 20:00
9/29(Mon) 20:00
9/30(Tue) Closed
10/1(Wed) 20:00
10/2(Thu) 20:00
10/3(Fri) 20:00

*First-come-first served basis Today's ticket only.
*If you want to reserve a sheet(+\400), call to TOLLIWOOD <03-3414-0433> in Japanese.

Japanese Premiere Screening #1 Thank you for giving us a full!
Place : TOLLIWOOD short film theater
Date : From Sep.10(Wed) to 15(Mon/holiday), 6 days
Time : everday 19:00-20:00 PM.
Fee : \1,000 per person

World Premiere Screening

"VOCALOID™ Opera AOI with Bunraku Puppet" had world premiere at London, England's Hyper Japan 2014/July/27.
Approximately 1,000 Londoners enjoyed the screening

Also, We had 4 times "HYPER VOCALOID Live and Talk Show!!" by Ishiguro Chihiro, who provided Yuzuki Yukari’s voice and EHAMIC, a leading-edge VOCALOID producer.
Approximately 300-500 Londoners enjoyed each show.

We added photographs of Hyper Japan to the gallery page. Please enjoy!

Earls Court Bunraku briefing by Kousuke Yoshida The premium screening greetings from the stage

The trailer have been posted to YouTube